Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pigs, Wolves and more collies!!

It has been a while since my last blog. Just too much going on and little time to catch up on paperwork and prepare for the next thing. I’m in the final phases of editing The Truth about Wolves & Dogs with Hubble and Hattie my publishers. The re-writes are done, just the layout to go. Will it ever be out? In the mean time I’ve had a new idea for another book – I must be mad. I’ll have to do a bit of research and mull it over for a while before I decide one way or another about pitching it to a publisher. One thing I will say it will be about rescue dogs if I do go ahead with it.
On the Tellington TTouch front I’ve seen more collies. I had five of them in my house at once. They stayed all day and went for a run with my dog Bea. She was hilarious mooching alone but doing double takes as five collies hared past her. I visited some lovely cats too. One was having trouble using a litter tray but with a change of tray and some TTouches within a week the owner reported her cat was using it. Some cats, especially older cats or those with less mobility find it hard to turn around comfortably in an oblong tray. I use large round water trays for patio garden pots for my oldies. They are lower to the ground and have so much more space. If you are having trouble with cat litter trays another tip is not to have them to close to the wall as again cats can struggle to feel comfortable turning around.

I went to visit my good friend Pia who works at the Paradise Wildlife Park. They have two socialised wolves that are related to some of the wolves I used to work with. I wasn’t expecting it but Pia and some of the keepers took me in the enclosure to get up close and personal with the girls. Wow, it was amazing to be back in the company of wolves. They were so gentle with me. Tatra even put her feet on my shoulders and gave me a lovely muzzle greeting. Later they asked me to look at a pig that was recovering from a serious illness and was reluctant to stand. At first he was a little defensive of the sore areas but soon relaxed. Everyone watching commented how his face softened and how he looked more comfortable. It was fab. I’m going back in July to do some staff training with the keeper. I can’t wait.

The highlight of this week was another staff training afternoon at the Newbury Dog’s Trust Centre. Maureen, the centre manager is so open and friendly and she loves the TTouch work. We concentrated on ground work as the weather was so nice. It’s so good to see how the dogs can change so quickly in the obstacles with the aid of body wraps and harnesses with a front contact ring. One GSD went from being reactive on the lead towards dogs to being able to sit and watch them calmly within minutes. Another who was so strong and unfocused eventually could take some steps in balance with out pulling us all over the place. The staff seem open to the work and are really getting to grips with its uses.

Next week I’ll be at The Highclere Game show on the Xtra dog stand. Come and see Matt, Alex and myself if you are going. I’m also teaching a TTouch workshop for Canine Hydro therapists. It’s all busy, busy, busy.