Friday, 23 November 2012

Working together

What a rocking November. I've met so many lovely people and dogs and taught great workshops and demos. My last demo for the year is tomorrow then it’s winding down for Christmas and a nice long break with my family. The past month has reminded me that by working in a multidisciplinary team you can achieve some amazing changes in the animals we see. I've never been afraid to refer animals to other people if I feel it’s in their best interests. When owners embrace this and practitioners work together we make each of our disciplines stronger. We also greatly improve the life of that animal, which is why we do what we do right? I see so many dogs who, although will improve with Tellington TTouch Training; also need some thing I can’t give them. Working closely with homoeopathic vets, chiropractors, osteopaths, healers, physiotherapists, hydro-therapists  reward based trainers & forward thinking behaviourists, to name but a few, is a delight especially when we all liaise about the animal and work in the same direction. Over the years I have found like minded, professional, caring people in so many of these areas. It’s a joy to work with them and heart warming to see the look on the owners faces when their beloved pet improves. All the people I work are compassionate and empathic.  Thank you at each and every one of you for being who you are and doing what you do so well.

In amongst the busy teaching schedule I managed to fit in Discover Dogs this year too. Matt & Alex who run Xtra Dog are so supportive of Tellington TTouch and my book. They arranged for me to do book signings all weekend and we all but sold out of the stock they had. A busy but fun weekend and the team managed to talk to loads of people about TTouch as well as getting lots of dogs in harnesses – always a bonus.

If you have been on the books facebook page you would have seen the photos from the TTouch & Hydrotherapy weekend at Hawksmoor. What a fab weekend that was. They have an under water camera in their pool. It was so interesting the difference we could observe in how the dogs moved after some body work or just by applying a leg wrap. The Hawksmoor girls are hooked and the dogs a dream to work with. If you missed it, we’ll be repeating the weekend next year so keep your eye out for that one.

In case I don’t get around to updating before Christmas, have a brilliant Christmas and a happy New Year everyone – take care of your pets over the holiday period. I have a feeling 2013 is going to be even bigger and better than 2012 has been.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Catch up

Wow, so it has been two months since I updated the blog. I must admit I’m not a natural blogger, I’m a bit too private. Anyway so here goes, this is a brief summary of life, work and what happened once the book came out.

I actually had some time off in August. It was good to go away and recharge my batteries. The weather was really hot so I mostly hung out in the sun, slept and visited friends and family. Once home it was time to catch up with clients and think about the autumn events I needed to prepare for. I had several PowerPoint presentations and courses to put together. I love this process because it reminds me of important points when working with dogs, makes me learn new information and gets me appraising practices and methods I use.
The first half of September was about getting my house in order really. So much had been left unattended through the busy months between February and July. I had things to fix, a bathroom to paint etc. I’m happy to report my house is no longer held together with gaffer tape.

I attended the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre Open day. I was hoping to have my book there for people to look at but it had been delayed at the printers for some reason. I was being to think it was all in my imagination and I didn’t have a book coming out at all. The open day was great fun mainly because I was able to catch up with so many people and dogs I’d worked with. The most memorable was Dawn with her GSD Star. I’d helped Dawn with Star as she had been a challenging puppy, fearful of people and reactive to dogs. It was so rewarding to see her calmly sat looking at the world around her. Dawn has done an amazing job and was willing to tell anyone that TTouch really helped her and Star. Another owner who I’d been working with just this year thanked me for giving her back her dog i.e. sorting the issue out. My rescue dog Bea came with me on the day and was so relaxed and calm in the noisy, busy environment. She sat in the car with all the doors open and watched the world go by.

Later on in the month the teaching season started with lots of workshops, demos and staff training. I had a great day at Top Dog Hydrotherapy in Newbury. The following week I was assisting Kathy Cascade one of our Tellington TTouch Instructors teach trainee Practitioners down at Sarah Fisher base in near Bath. For various reasons I’ve not been able to assist on a training for a few years so it was good to reconnect with friends, catch up on the latest changes in the work and pass on knowledge and help new up and coming practitioners. They all did an amazing job and we had a lot of laughs along the way.

The Truth about Wolves & Dogs finally arrived! It looks amazing. The reviews have all been very positive so far and I’ve been doing lots of PR, including radio interviews and book signings. I even got to meet Chris Packham and have my photo taken with him. He was at the Paradise Wildlife Park giving a talk. I train the keepers in TTouch for the zoo animals so it was really nice of them to invite me up for the evening, although the pay off was working on MR T the pig before the talk. Not that it was a hardship at all. You can see a photo of MR T, MR P and me on the books facebook page.

I had no idea how the book would be received by the public but it has been lovely to get so many emails and comments on the facebook page saying how much they enjoyed it. If you have not liked the page yet, just search for the title of the book to find it.

October was so busy with a demo in Sway for Cara Dog Training, A two day workshop for working dogs in Littlehampton, another demo in Reading and a talk about coping with fireworks at the Newbury Dogs Trust. Every weekend has been full but so have the weeks, seeing clients and keeping the publicity machine moving for the book. I also have an article in the Dec issue of Your Dog (Out 7th Nov) so I had to fit in a photo shoot as well. I have a few days off now at the beginning of November before it all goes mad again.

All through October I’ve been preparing Bea for the onslaught of firework season and I believe we are prepared for the worst now. Each day I do a few minutes of the TTouch body work. In the evening she wears her body wrap. I have her on calming herbs and this can be backed up with her homeopathic remedy if we need it. So far so good, a couple of raised heads and listening but returning to sleep quickly. You can never do enough prep for this scary time. Its not to late to start your preparations it really can save you and your dog much heart ache and distress.

What does November hold? Well it is Discover Dogs next weekend. I’ll be on the Xtra Dog Stand talking about TTouch and signing my book. Then it’s up North for a two day workshop on TTouch in conjunction with canine hydro therapy, more demos then Christmas shopping!!!