Monday, 6 August 2012

Breathing space before a busy autumn

I’ve been enjoying some down time in my office catching up on paper work and preparing for upcoming talks and workshops in the autumn. I’ve been invited to talk about Tellington TTouch on the Royal Canin advanced pet councillors course in September which I’m really looking forward too. I didn’t realise what an ethical company they were before I had a meeting with Clare Hemmings would organises the training. TTouch sits well in so many areas and more and more behaviourists are recognising that it can compliment their work. We also find vet nurses are really embracing the method and are using it in their day to day routines. If pet councillors can help their clients by signposting them to a local TTouch practitioner it will be a great resource for them. Additionally I’m designing and writing a two day TTouch course for hydrotherapists, physiotherapists and vet nurses for Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy. Ordinarily I was asked to teach a course just on behaviour but persuaded them to do a combined TTouch and dog communication course. It will be a mix of lectures on TTouch and behaviour, what to look for in the dogs they are working with and how to reduce the stress to the animals and the safety of the practitioner. There will be loads of practical sessions as well as the interactive lecture. The course is almost full, but if you are interested please contact Hawksmoor as they are thinking of putting the course on regularly. The website is or call them on 02476 350221. The email address is
It’s shaping up to be a busy couple of months with demos, talk and workshops. Some are private ones but the public dates are listed on the workshop page so do take a look. A new demo for high performance dogs in November should be really interesting and people are already booking handler spaces.

On a personal note I’m very proud of Bea this week. My shy little rescue dog not only coped with staying at a friends while I looked after her three Labradors but has today been calm and even sniffed all the workmen in the house who are fitting a new boiler. One even patted her on the head without her flinching away. When it was really noisy I popped her in the car in shade or took her out on trips to the bank or to the park for a run. I have to wonder at her improvement over the last 18 months of living with me. Her stress related behaviours are reducing and she starting to reach her true potential as a cracking little dog. Well done Bea.

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