Friday, 17 February 2012

Busy week

It has been a long week with highs and lows. A couple of clients struggled with behaviours from their rescue dogs. One case in particularly distressing as the behaviour, I believe could have been easily nipped in the bud if the owners had received the right advise in the beginning. Inappropriate advice can leave owners struggling both physically, emotionally and financially. I just wish so called trainers and behaviourists would hold their hands up and say they don’t know how to deal with a problem and refer them on to someone more experienced. It is so much harder for the dogs to deal with when they are mislabelled. Often out of date dominance theory methods are employed. This never goes well for the dog and often the owners are left feeling confused, discontented and guilty. Their wallet also feels the pinch.
On a nicer note I have been in talks with various wildlife parks about a book tour and signings. Watch this space and my facebook and twitter account for more info once dates are confirmed.

I spent last weekend at the International Animal Behaviour Training Centre. This is Angela White’s base up in Lincolnshire. She had organised for me to teach Kennel Club instructors and other canine professionals in Tellington TTouch Training. The group of 12 dog handlers and 18 spectators where amazing and fun to teach. In spite of the weather we all enjoyed the wonderful facilities and hospitality. For information about the centre visit

Angela and Mick have a wealth of information about writing, publishing and advertising books and I learnt a lot. Angela had written many books on dog training and breeds. They run their own publishing house. Angela has kindly offered to review The Truth about Wolves & Dogs, thank you Angela and I hope you like it.

In amongst all this Bea, my sweet rescue Labrador had to have a minor op. She never copes well with the experience or the drugs and her recovery is always difficult. She often feels nauseous and paces all night after a GA. Thank dog for ttouch as I was able to settle her and increase the expulsion of the drugs from her body. A visit from the osteopath further increased her recovery. I hated to leave her over the weekend but she coped really well and she showed minimal stress when I arrived home on Sunday night. My Mum had done an amazing job of managing Bea’s stress behaviours which occur when I leave her or other people are around. When I did some ttouches on her Bea felt relaxed and flexible throughout her body. It is great to know she can now cope with my occasional trips away.

Also this week I had an amazing day at the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre in Hurst, Berkshire. DBARC is a forward thinking shelter, who have been working with me for years. I help train their staff and volunteers and see new owners once animals are re-homed if they are struggling to settle or show challenging behaviours. It works really well and I love working with them.

After four days training people in ttouch, seeing numerous clients and one day off I’m looking forward to some time off at the weekend to reflect on the last week and spend time with my darling dog.

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