Sunday, 17 February 2013

Learning and filming

It’s Sunday and I’m having a day off. Jan and Feb have been manic but loads of fun. I’ve been filming with MWS Media. We are creating four short videos to promote my book and as part of a proposal for TV companies. I’ve called in favours with friends and managed to get some awesome photos of wolves and dogs. We will probably release one a month over a four month period. Watch this space for details.

I’m really proud of my little rescue dog Bea this week. Not only has she over come another fear and was relaxed and very well behaved in a room full of people but she also coped better than me when she had an accident. Some how she managed to get ensnarled in her crate bed in the car. It was so tightly wrapped around her right hind foot I had to cut her free. It took me 20 mins to free her and if she hadn’t sat still for most of the time with out panicking her injuries could have been so much worse. She just has a swollen knee and some soreness.  The vet prescribed Metacam and I also gave her arnica and loads of TTouch. She seemed unconcerned about the whole thing afterwards and the next day was happy to get back in the car. She has a re-check at the vets on Monday to ensure no damage to her knee now the swelling has gone down but she seems OK. She will see her osteopath next week though as a precaution. It is so easy to assume they are fine but accidents like this can affect any part of the body and good support from varies modalities is essential to ensure no long term problems occur.

I had the privilege of attending a seminar at Cara Dog Training in Sway yesterday. Nick Thompson my homeopathic Vet and friend was the speaker. I feel it is so important to update your knowledge and skills regularly. This has been hard for me to achieve in the last few years so it was great to be the pupil and not the teacher for a day. If you ever have the chance of attending a talk by Nick, do it. You won’t regret it.

Right, off to enjoy my day off and try not to do any work.

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